How to Clean Upholstered Chairs?

by LILY YAO on Mar 21, 2023

How to Clean Upholstered Chairs?

Upholstered chairs comes in various patterns,colors,sizes and styles.But we often encounter cleaning issue,which may disturb us from time to time.You know those cleaning tasks that you just never seem to get around to? Well, don't be concerned,that’s how today i will provide some tips on how to clean upholstered chairs?

Before we start,it is necessary to know what kind of upholstery is covering your chair.Actually,since 1969, furniture manufacturers have added a tag to help you determine the best and safest way to clean upholstery. Just look for the tag underneath the chair and follow the cleaning guidelines for the code.

Code W: Fabric can be cleaned with water-based cleaning solvents.

Code S: Use only a dry cleaning or water-free solvent to remove stains and soils from the upholstery. The use of these chemicals requires a well-ventilated room and no open flames like fireplaces or candles.

Code W-S: The upholstery can be cleaned with either water-based or solvent-based products.

Code X: This fabric should only be cleaned by vacuuming or by a professional. Any type of home cleaning product can cause staining and shrinking.

If there is no tag, you must test different cleaning solutions in an inconspicuous area to see how the fabric reacts when treated.

What You'll Need

You may need some equipments or tools when cleaning upholstered chairs,such as vacuum with hose,upholstery brush attachment,sponge,microfiber cloths and soft-bristled brush.As for cleaning liquid,mild dishwashing liquid,commercial upholstery cleaner,dry cleaning solvent,hydrogen peroxide and baking soda can be good helpers for you.

Cleaning Instruction

  • Fill a large bowl with hot water and a couple of drops of dishwashing liquid. Wet down the microfiber cloth and wet the entire area that you would like to clean, giving it a quick scrub. You want this to be quite consistently wet throughout the area that you are cleaning. If you are doing a smaller area, ensure that you don’t have hard edges at the end of your wet spot as this could lead to water stains.
  • Generously spray any heavily soiled areas or stains with the hydrogen peroxide. Leave on for at least 10 minutes. I have used this safely on a number of different fabrics, but always spot check on the fabric that you are using.
  • Next it is time to steam clean! I experimented with using the scrub brush and the microfiber cloth with the squeegee attachments. If you are just going for an overall clean or have a more delicate fabric, I would go with the microfiber cloth option; however, I preferred to use the scrub brush over the more soiled areas and found that it worked better to clean the corners as well. Even with the cloth though, I was able to get a lot of extra dirt up…
  • If you do not have a steam cleaner, you will need to use a little extra man power and give the chair a good scrub with the microfiber cloth and water/dish soap mixture. If any stains remain, give it another go with the hydrogen peroxide and scrub again.
  • Let dry and you will have a brand new chair! I was actually surprised at how well they came out!

To keep them looking new {and make them easier to clean in the future}, spray with a stain guard treatment that you can pick up at any home supply store.